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BMW Ultimate Network Experience – 4th November 2015

The BMW “Ultimate Network Experience” once again proved to be a great way to network.
A fleet of BMW cars, lead by the new, top of the range 7 series, took to the roads of Cheshire and Derbyshire to experience a very special event. All of the Chamber members attending had a chance to drive all of the models taken out for the day. The range included versions of the 2,3,4,5 and 6 models in various trim levels including sport editions.
Mid way through the day the team met at The Brownlow to enjoy a lunch of either Stake and Mushroom Pie with chips and vegetables or a wonderful Chicken Tika curry.
After lunch it was off to the hills for a different driving experience heading to Buxton and on to twisting roads of the peak district before heading back to the Blue Bell showroom in Crewe.
There were lots of tales to tell of the days experience and even more networking befor everyone got back into their own vehicles to drive away from “The Ultimate Network Experience”.
Thanks to Blue Bell Crewe for a wonderful day!