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We offer professional, independent, affordable services that focus on supporting businesses in the East Cheshire area.

East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce sits at the very heart of Congleton’s business community providing representation, services, information and guidance to its’ members and potential members. East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce supports businesses throughout their lifecycle from start-up, development, growth and beyond. We are a form of business network whose goal is to further the interests of businesses and promote local prosperity.

East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce offer

  • A large range of services, advice, networking opportunities to generate new business leads and partner like-minded people to help business grow therefore creating further employment.
  • Start-Up services – information, support, guidance and relevant information for new business start ups helping them to develop and grow their businesses.
  • Courses which are designed to get the maximum potential out of new ventures, focusing and driving it to continued success.
  • Support, guidance and skills training for key personnel and staff.
  • International Trade Services – Businesses (both those new to export, and those who are experienced exporters), practical advice and assistance in all aspects of international trade. In particular, our International Trade Team provides a reliable, efficient and high-quality International Documentation Service.
  • Knowledge sharing, be the first to learn about new government initiatives that can help your business.

The Chamber represents and promotes the area’s business economy, and encourages business and industrial investment, broadening the tax base and providing employment. To business prospects and newcomers, the Chamber represents the community’s pride and self image. Chambers of commerce are increasingly involved in non-commercial areas, such as education, human relations, environmental, cultural and governmental concerns. These challenges have caused Chambers of Commerce to become a viable force in seeking solutions to today’s social problems.


East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce Charity of the Year 2023/24


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