The Chamber News

Thursday Thirty – 21st January 2016

The East Cheshire Chamber of commerce’s January network meeting took place across the border in Cheshire West when members travelled to the offices of Claymore Business Machines, based in Winsford.


After reception and enjoying “Bacon Butties” and other breakfast delights delegates were given a presentation which included information on “3D Printing” using machines supplied by Claymore Business Machines.


On hand to answer questions and give further insight into 3D printing were technical executives from Kyocera who manufacture these very specialised machines that are then distributed throughout the North West by Claymore Ltd.

Michael Shiels, MD of Claymore, said “The interest in 3D printing is growing at an ever increasing rate and enquiries are coming in from all sectors of industry and commerce”.


The Chamber Network Meetings are tagged with the name “Thursday Thirty” and they are exactly that, as they take place on a Thursday with thirty delegates attending. The meetings are hosted at various locations around the area.